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Cow Milk

Cow milk/ Goat milk

Benefits of Cow milk/goat milk are innumerable. Let us find out the effect of cow milk.

1. Milk with herbs: When we wish to use certain herbs with pungent and hot properties in children, or in person with less strength, those herbs are processed with cow milk. This serves three purposes

a. The herbal remedy gets the extra nutritional quality of milk

b. The pungency and the strength of the herb is lowered. Thus the herbal formula is made suitable for patient with less strength.

c. Milk acts as a fat and water soluble media for the active principles in the herb.

Example: Garlic processed with milk, used in digestion problems.

2. Cow milk in Ayurvedic oils – In processing many oils, where the oil is desired to have nourishing and rejuvenating effects, milk is added and processed along with oil and other herbs.

This is especially beneficial in Ayurveda oils that are

  • used for massage against degenerative diseases like Osteo arthritis,
  • used to calm burning sensation,
  • used to heal nerve irritation and nerve pain.
  • used to nourish and strengthen muscles and ligaments.

Example: Ksheerabala Taila.

Most of the herbal oils, which are used for nasal instillation or for internal administration are processed along with milk.

3. Shirodhara with Cow milk – Shirodhara is a procedure, where continuous stream of liquid is directed uniformly over the forehead region. Milk is used in cases where Vata and Pitta are involved. Like – headache and dizziness, which mainly have Vata and Pitta imbalance.

4. Cow Milk in Basti – Basti is a Panchakarma procedure, it is a type of enema. Milk processed with herbs is used for Basti in many acid peptic disorders, in Ayurveda.

5. Cow milk for gargling: To relieve burning sensation and to relieve oral ulcers.

Controversy with the modern science: Many argue that as we grow old, the enzymes useful for digestion and metabolism of milk no more exists in the body. Note that it not only takes chemical effect of any substance into account, it also considers the physical effect of the substance as well.

Milk – a source of calcium
Milk is a rich source of calcium. Regular intake of milk and yogurt is associated with higher bone mineral desnity in the hip. The study also suggested that choosing low-fat milk / yogurt over cream can increase intake of protein, calcium and vitamin D while limiting intake of saturated fats.

Research on Milk
College going kids who don’t consume at least three servings of milk / dairy daily are three times more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than those who do,as per the research conducted by University of Illinois.

Incompatibility with other substances:
Milk along with sour substances and sour fruits is not recommended.
Milk along with horse gram is not recommended, because milk is coolant and Horse gram is hot in nature.
After consuming green leafy vegetables and radish drinking milk should be avoided.

A1 or A2 – which type of milk is best for which people?
I think this classification of A1 and A 2 comes from the presence of A1 or A2 types of beta casein – milk protein.
There is lot of marketing strategy around this to promote certain type of milk is good for certain country people

Hence, I will have to restrict my statement to – “Milk from locally grown cows, in their most natural habitat is best”.
Locally grown cows will eat and live in the same environment as the  local population. Hence, the milk from such cows will surely be congenial to the local country people. Hence, that is best for them.

Cow milk in anti ageing – rejuvenation procedures:
Cow milk is administered as the only diet throughout the day, while administering some of the anti ageing recipes such as Shilajeet Rasayan (reference: Charaka Samhita Chikitsa Sthana 1.3/52-55.
Cow milk along with cooked rice is the diet of choice while administering many other rejuvenation medicines such as Bramha Rasayan and Chyawanprash.

Its nutritious qualities support the anti ageing qualities of the Rasayana medicines.
It also nullifies the hot physical effects that may be generated due to long term administration of above medicines.

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